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Embark on a closer relationship with your followers by guiding them through a wellness experience that was built with premium content and community in mind. We will help you expand your business through various content offerings, all on your own terms.

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Platform Support

Our team is here for you. We provide personalized support to make sure you always have what you need, whether that’s helpful advice on best practices or assistance with unexpected technical issues.

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Production Support

When you lay eyes on our new studio and creative space, you’ll be inspired to imagine the possibilities! Let our video, audio, and storytelling professionals help give your content the polish and professionalism it deserves.

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Marketing Support

Tap into our experienced team of digital marketers who know social inside and out. With built-in audiences and tools, we’ll help you amplify your marketing efforts and reach the people you need to meet your goals.

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Community Support

Cultivate a highly engaged community through our community dashboard. You can create discussion prompts, targeted emails, or post select content with shared commenting capabilities. We will help you grow and create stronger user connections, with help from our devoted community manager, who offers strategic tips and suggestions backed by data, offers thoughtful marketing advice, and finds new opportunities for you within our wider Guideness community. We want to help your followers not only engage with you more, but also with each other. All of this without ever leaving our platform.

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What We're Looking For:

  • Must be an expert within a specialized modality that improves people's lives.

  • Must have an engaged audience in that modality.

  • Passionate about what you offer and ready for the right content partner.

  • Must have experience filming what you do to camera.

  • Must have proof of previous teaching experience.

  • Excited to be a part of a creative community with other like minded individuals.

  • Sees their offering as a business opportunity and ready to put in the work.

  • Believes that everyone is welcome to join their program.

  • Must have proven experience being a digital creatorand willing to promote their business.

Tell us more about who you are, what you do, and why you think you'd be a great fit to join Guideness!

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