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I’ve been practicing yoga for a little over a decade–– off and on at first, due to the demands of my career in advertising and marketing. Over time my commitment to the practice grew, as I found the balance and restorative elements of yoga had increased my ability to cope, feel grounded, and connect to myself. The high-stress environments and lack of BIPOC safe spaces in the corporate world was enough of a push to lead me to get certified in yoga and bring the practice to my community.


My aim is to foster connection, freedom, grace, and safety to all who learn with me and cultivate a foundational understanding of yoga and its benefits to the broader BIPOC collective.

 "Don't worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”- Rumi

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My style of yoga embraces full body movements as exercise to enliven the muscles we have and USE them. With me you'll increase muscle mobility, strength, endurance, posture, balance, flexibility, not to mention inner stability and mental clarity. If you’re intimidated by yoga, don’t be, our bodies are designed for this.