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Self-Care Workshop | Yoga

About The Workshop

"Savor Yourself," is a 10 Day Self-Care Workshop and Guided Experience, hosted by me! I'm a wellness coach and yoga instructor. You'll learn how to create daily authentic affirmations through journaling, practice yoga and mini meditations, receive the tools and benefits of a complete self-care package. The best part is you won't have to do it alone. 

Join us for a workshop designed to teach you how to truly put yourself first. Sign-up for my newsletter below to be notified when the next course begins!

About Me

I am a LA based wellness entrepreneur, yoga instructor, writer, podcast host, retreat leader and CEO of Savage Chocolates, a mindfulness chocolate brand. I encourage you to cultivate a more loving relationship with your body, and self, through everything I teach. I would love to connect with you!

Welcome to Savor Yourself

What's Included in the Workshop

Daily Journaling Prompts

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. And if we aren't clear on how we think, we are living unconsciously. Let's wake up with these tools.

Daily Mantras

We think about 60,000 thoughts per day, 90% of those are the same thing on repeat. Let's choose some good ones.

Daily Mini-Meditations, Breathwork or Yoga

Getting into our body is so important for actually getting clear on what self care is for us. Meditation and Yoga are powerful for doing just that.

Self-Care Rituals

Our lives are chalk full of rituals already we just don't even realize it. The rituals of brushing our teeth, of singing happy birthday these are all rituals. These rituals are designed to put you at the forefront of your own life. Yes.

Live check-ins with Alexa + Amy:

Who doesn't need an accountability partner? Amy and myself are here to support you on your journey of self care, because getting that extra bit of TLC is always helpful.

Amy Brenneman is an actress, writer, producer, activist and mom. She can be seen in film, television and theater -- and also hosts her podcast “The Challengers” where she met Alexa Silvaggio. She is deeply interested in discovering meaning and purpose in all aspects of life, especially in unexpected places.  Amy is thrilled to be a part of Alexa’s workshop and learn from her as well!