People often think of intimacy as the soft, slow and sensual—and for some, this is true, however; this is only one facet of intimacy. Intimacy is truly about how we show up in a relationship—emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and even experientially. As a Sexual Wellness and Intimacy Coach, what I find is that most people want a deeper level of intimacy in combination with autonomy. I think this is a healthy desire and way of being in a relationship, and for most, it is a struggle to balance the two.

After providing intimacy coaching in person for many years, I’m finally ready to expand my offerings to a broader audience sharing my services ONLINE with the Guideness platform.

Who is this for? 

  • Do you feel like your sex life isn't as fulfilling as you wish it was?
  • Do you have a hard time communicating what you want in the bedroom? How about in life?
  • Do you feel like you’re holding back with your partner or in your sexual experiences?
  • Do you have desires that have never been realized or met?
  • Do you deal with doubts and old scripts that limit sexual expression?
  • Do you crave deeper connections in your relationships? How about with yourself?
  • Do you desire more sexual confidence?
  • Are you interested in learning new skills to deepen your sex life and intimacy into a practice? 
  • Would you want to gain new tools to enhance, deepen, lengthen, and strengthen your experiences around arousal, duration, connection, and ultimately intimacy? 

If you answered YES! To any of these pain points then this program is for you. JOIN NOW

Begin with the Foundations Module 1 - is part 1 of a 3-part series, released over time. What you get with purchase:

  • BEGINNER friendly! Learning the foundations are essential before advancing.
  • LEARN at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
  • FOREVER Access to these teachings and exercises with the Guideness platform.
  • CONNECT with me and other users during the program.
  • JOIN a growing & safe-enough community 
  • EXPERIENCE a condensed version of my in-person workshops ONLINE.

Here’s what you GAIN:

  • Learn How to Tune into Sensation
  • Develop Sex Skills for Life
  • Discover Portals to Pleasure & Arousal
  • Learn how to Integrate into Daily Life

Step into your power and JOIN NOW

Learn more about the Modules & the Community:



Embodiment is a personal affirmation unique to everyone, and the exercises, meditations, and practice assignments within these three modules have been designed to awaken and bring awareness to your mind, body, spirit, and most of all the intersection of the three. How you take these practices and exercises into and through your body and out into the world will be unique to you and your gifts.

Each module will consist of a series of videos for you to watch, meditations to listen to, along with a physical practice. Experience and interact at a pace that suits you. Meet others within the experience and share where you're comfortable.



My deepest intention is to offer exercises and assignments that are applicable to you, not just in your home or this forum, but out in the real world, with real people. In this case, I offer practice for practice sake. My hope is that you, not master embodiment or the art of the erotic but rather, through these practices, continue to discover its bounty over and over again.

Every teaching will have specific assignments. Invite the work into your real life. Journal privately or openly within the program.



Like minded individuals are so important when building and sustaining community. To have the opportunity to express and be heard, as well as listen and offer feedback by and to those who are engaging in similar study and paths of growth, can be reflective, triggering, and expansive. For this reason, I have created a unique community that I hope serves you and the collective well.

Expect weekly thought starters as invitations for connection and discussion. You'll have the ability to journal and share privately or openly.



It is my hope that in working through each of these modules you will not only learn new tools, but you'll learn how to incorporating these learned skills into your daily life practices.

This practice allows you to utilize sexual energy as a means of creation: this means cultivating ideas, desires, and spirit.

This work translates not only in the bedroom but into our daily lives: how we communicate to attract and how to keep yourself and potential partners interested and engaged!


I am Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach Surrogate Partner Intern, and Sacred Intimate based in Los Angeles CA . I am a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, Founder of The Bodyvox. I am a guide for a vast spectrum of individuals and those in relationship/s seeking more in their erotic and intimate lives. When it comes to human connection and sexuality, some are beginning their journey while others have been pursuing erotic education and experiences for years. I work gently with first-timers, as well as offer uncommon experiences to some of the world's most well known educators and change-makers across multiple fields and disciplines. I have become known for offering private, highly customized, exclusive experiences and travel extensively hosting and teaching workshops and retreats for all bodies, genders, and orientations. I am also part of an elite team of educators that create the celebrated program for women,  Back to the Body.

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Morning Routine

Morning Routine

A common mistake I often see folks make when diving into erotic exploration, is they bypass connecting and attuning to their body. This morning routine consists of a series of exercises I use to either start my day or use throughout the day.