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About Me

I am a licensed personal trainer and massage therapist. With over 10 years of personal training experience, and a background in bodybuilding and olympic weight lifting, this dynamic understanding of the body is what has led me to my particular style of training and building techniques. My training philosophy is simple; eliminate pain, manage stress and create an overt sense of wellbeing through movement, well balanced nutrition, and a daily mindful practice.

This platform provides you access to my weekly workout routines and full length classes. These routines are meant to give you insight into exactly what I do as part of my fitness program with the added flexibility to choose which subscription tier is best for you. Think of this as a guide that you can use for implementation into your current or new workout routine. My hope is for you to learn all of my most effective moves, while implementing a healthy and well balanced body structure. The workouts change often and are for everyone!

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You can keep up with me here. Send me a direct message so I can keep up with you!

What's Included in Your Subscription

Video Library

I have a class for every major muscle group. Whether you’re looking for a quick booty focused workout, an intense leg strength class, abs and upper body builders, or something to hit the entire body I’ve got you covered. Follow along in each class for proper form, a good sweat, and plenty of jokes and motivation to keep you going.

Weekly Workouts

Each week, I will provide you with the written workouts I myself are doing that week. You’ll receive a schedule and see exactly how I train myself. The majority of these workouts are weight lifting focused and should be used at the gym so that you have access to the proper equipment. Throughout the week however, I will also encourage you to take the classes in my library and when to rest. This is an advanced way of training. *This feature is only available to my premium members.


This is where we get to connect as a community on topics important to you on your wellness journey. I’ll host weekly discussions covering health tips, nutrition, motivation, and regular check-ins regarding the workouts. Have any fitness questions? This is where you can ask me. 

Private Messaging

As a personal trainer, I know how beneficial it can be to have the ability to ask specific questions as it pertains to the workout routines I provide. While my subscription offering should provide you with all the tools necessary to advance your fitness, if you’re having trouble following the program and have additional questions, I can help you here. This feature is only available to my premium members.

Get to Know Me

FREE Stretch Videos:

Foam Roller Stretch

Muscle tightness? You need this. Foam rolling is great both before and after your workout. If you don't have a foam roller you can also use a tennis ball. It helps to break down the soft tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. Secret to snatched tight muscles—rolling them out!

Spinal Warmup

You must watch this before beginning any of my workouts. This stretch will provide full range mobility faster. You want to be fully warmed in order to get the max benefit of any building exercise. This is your pre-workout—looking for better quality reps, lengthening and stretching is the answer.