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This platform provides you with access to my workout routine. These routines are meant to give you insight into exactly what I do as part of my fitness program with the added flexibility to choose which workouts are best for you. Think of this as a guide that you can use, or for implementation into your workout routine. 

My focus is for you to learn all of my most effective moves, while implementing a healthy and well balanced body structure. The workouts change often and are for everyone!

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Booty Builder Workout #1

“Improve your booty gains with this complete Booty builder workout! This 30min workout video will teach you some of my most effective moves that I do weekly. These moves have helped me build the booty of my dreams and I want to share them with you! Take this video anywhere, to the gym, in-home, outdoors, or on your holidays!

Ab & Upper Body Builder

Tighten up the waist line, shape the shoulders and upper body, improve poor posture, and help eliminate lower back pain with this Ab & Upper Body Builder. In this video, I will demonstrate some great tricks on how to create a smaller waist line to upper body ratio. This can be done with just bodyweight or with weights. Try both! 

Spinal Stretch

You must watch this before beginning any of my workouts. This stretch will provide full range mobility faster. You want to be fully warmed in order to get the max benefit of any building exercise. This is your pre-workout—looking for better quality reps, lengthening and stretching is the answer.

Foam Roller Stretch

Muscle tightness? You need this. Foam rolling is great both before and after your workout. If you don't have a foam roller you can also use a tennis ball. It helps to break down the soft tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. Secret to snatched tight muscles—rolling them out!